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Adventurous Island Hopping In Croatia


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28/09/2017 | Hvar | 0 commentaire

Adventurous Island Hopping In Croatia

Adventurous Island Hopping In CroatiaThe most enthralling feature of the beautiful country of Croatia is its long, golden coastline along the Adriatic Sea. Here the waters are a sparkling blue, the sea breeze is cool and pleasant, and the sunshine is warm and bright, creating the perfect setting for an island hopping adventure. The islands of Croatia each bear unique personalities and are kingdoms of pristine greenery and colorful ... Continue reading

18/12/2017 | Hvar | 0 commentaire

Tips for planning the perfect Croatia sailing extravaganza

Tips for planning the perfect Croatia sailing extravaganzaWanting to plan a perfect sail week Croatia vacation? From choosing which charter service to employ, type of sail, vessel or power, the process ought to be exciting, and all your crew should have an opportunity to participate. It is best practice to discuss your expectations,itinerary, activities as well as provisioning options and even snacking time before setting out on your trip ... Continue reading

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