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Unusual Cultural Hotspots Of Europe

23/02/2017 | rijeka | 0 Comment |

Unusual Cultural Hotspots Of Europe

European culture sprouted its roots with the emergence of the first civilization of this region, the Minoan civilization. Ever since then, the continent has produced some of the finest artists, musicians, poets and philosophers known to the mankind. Different chapters of history, such as the Renaissance and the French Revolution, have etched an indelible mark on the culture of this region. European culture celebrates and nurtures art, literature, music and architecture, and every country has a unique story to tell through its distinct collection of cultural relics. This continent has preserved its traditional heritage over the years, despite large-scale industrial growth and urbanization. There are several fine examples of cities that provide an authentic taste of European culture, here are some of the cultural hotspots of Europe that are worth exploring.


Innsbruck, Austria


If you wish to take a peek at the culture of Medieval Europe then Innsbruck is the perfect destination. The Court Church, also called the Hofkirche, is one of the oldest buildings in the region and dates back to the 16th century. The magnificent architecture of this church is inspired by the Gothic style. Another spectacular structure is the Golden Window or the Goldenes Dachl, a balcony decorated with murals, having a roof covered with dazzling copper tiles. This iconic symbol of the city was created in 1500, for the emperor and empress to view local events like carnivals and festivals. The Hofburg or the old Court Palace holds some great pieces of art in its hall, which was constructed using the purest marble. The old town still retains the narrow streets and the decorated doorways that are reminiscent of the Tyrolese architectural style.


Bologna, Italy


Bologna in Italy has been hailed as a primary seat for learning, due to the university located here. It is equally well known for its delectable cuisine and different music forms that thrive here in perfect harmony. And as expected, the city hosts a bunch of music and theater festivals all year round. A unique aspect of the music of this region is the expression of revolutionary ideas against social issues. Just like the diverse music of this city, the theater also provides a balanced offering of traditional and contemporary works. The flavorsome food of this region has left its mark internationally in the form of a meaty pasta sauce that is named after the city. The desserts and baked goods are exquisite too. Once your stomach is full, you can treat your eyes to the Porta Galleria and other breathtaking gates and statues that dot the city.


Rijeka, Croatia


Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia, which is not just replete with natural beauty but is also a popular cultural hub. The spirit of the city is one of coexistence and peace, which is probably derived from the fact that the city was home to travelers from different parts of Europe in the medieval times. Sitting atop a hill is the fortress named Trsat Castle, overlooking the city. This castle dates back to the 13th century and offers panoramic views due to its elevated location. There are also many churches and cathedrals that display architecture from different centuries and museums, revealing the natural history of the region. To experience everything, rent a car in Rijeka and explore the city at you own pace. The vibrant nature of the citizens is demonstrated at its best during the carnival season, when the streets of the town center at Korzo are brimming with color and cheer, making it the ideal time to visit this wonderful city.


These cultural hubs of Europe are an accurate representation of the tolerant nature of the European countries. A beautiful fusion of the old and the new, generated by the intermingling of creations and ideas spanning over millenniums. A visit to these cities is a must to surrender yourself to the best sights and sounds that this enchanting continent has to offer.


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