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Tips for planning the perfect Croatia sailing extravaganza

18/12/2017 | Hvar | 0 Comment |

Tips for planning the perfect Croatia sailing extravaganza

Wanting to plan a perfect sail week Croatia vacation? From choosing which charter service to employ, type of sail, vessel or power, the process ought to be exciting, and all your crew should have an opportunity to participate. It is best practice to discuss your expectations,itinerary, activities as well as provisioning options and even snacking time before setting out on your trip. To improve your next excursion, we have taken time to give you the tips and tricks for planning an enjoyable Croatia sailing jaunt.

Tips for planning the perfect Croatia sailing extravaganza

1. Communication when sailing
In most cases, staying connected along the Croatian coast can be a bit costly. Even-so, there are a few tips that can help you save cash. If you are taking your phone with you, be sure to turn the data roaming off to avoid unnecessary costs or use a pay-as-you-go phone from the stores when you arrive in town. 

There are lots of Wi-Fi connections in Croatia to use, but you will need to stay near supermarkets, restaurants, and marinas to get the password for access. Even so, most charter companies are connected to Wi-Fi so you can make plans to board a boat that offers Wi-Fi connection. 

2. Currency and credit cards
Kuna is the local currency for Dalmatian people. Make plans to carry some cash as small local cafes and shops don’t accept credit cards. However, major credit cards are accepted in supermarkets, marinas, and restaurants. Be sure to inform your credit card company of your impending trip lest they shut down your card due to foreign transactions, payments or even ATM withdrawals. 

3. What to carry
Since this is a sailing excursion, avoid overdoing your wardrobe. You will be at the beach most of the time so bring t-shirts, shorts, and bathing suits. The sea tends to experience chilly and windy conditions so pack windproof jackets and longsleeves with you to keep you warm at night. 

Your charter service will provide most supplies like snorkel gear, but you can also make arrangements to carry items like toiletries, mosquito repellant, games, and LED lamps for reading, spices in waterproof bags, sunscreen, camera, batteries,sunglasses and even medications. You can also carry personal water bottles. 

Suggestion: Tap water in Croatia is entirely safe for drinking, but water from other tanks and sources on the boat is not recommended for consumption. 

4. Crew
If you are traveling with a team, be sure you are compatible and that your trip expectations are in line. You can discuss a few things like sharing the cost of food and fuel, dividing cooking tasks, respecting each other`s need for privacy and even personal time as well as keeping the cruiser steady all the time. 

5. Provisioning
There are choices of provisioning options for those who want to cruise in Croatia but for best practice you should allow your charter company to provision you on a pre-picked plan to save you time, even though this may limit your options. Since different companies have varying provisioning plans, you should ask for sample menus to make better choices. 

6. Safety and security

Croatian coast is known to be a very safe area for cruising and sailing. However, you should remember to obey sailing guidelines and keep distances from swimming areas to avoid any difficulty. Also, normal procedures should be considered before leaving valuables and other items aboard the boat. Hint: don’t bring your expensive jewelry, so you don’t misplace them here. 

Sun protection is also another significant area of concern which is easy to prevent. Apply sunscreen on your skin before going to the beach in the morning and even throughout the day to protect your skin. You can also put on sunglasses, glovesand wide-brimmed hats. 

7. Croatian etiquette 

You should also get acquainted with Croatian customs before you embark on your Croatian sailing trip. Most Dalmatian people are conservative particularly when it comes to dressing code and hygiene. Keep your beach-wears and other bathing suits to the beach and put on decent clothes instead while visiting Croatian supermarkets,museums, churches and even restaurants. 

Garbage discarding and overboard discharge in most anchorages is a cause of concern,and your charter service should help you in this regard. Maintain the environment and the sea clean at all times!

As a general rule, make plans to carry with you the contact info of your charter company to get in touch with them for directions if you find any difficulty or use emergency service contact 112 to get to Croatian emergency call center. 


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