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Skiing in Bosnia

09/11/2017 | | 0 Comment |

Skiing in Bosnia

Bosnia & Herzegovina is undeniably one of the few countries in Europe that offer amazing and fun-filled skiing experiences. Its mountainous nature and extended cold winter season basically make it a skiing haven for visitors and veterans alike. It’s even no surprise that the 1984 Winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Majority of skiing mountains are found within Eastern and Central parts of Bosnia and boast of elevations of up to 2060 meters. Jahorina and Vlasic are some of the most visited skiing mountains in Bosnia & Herzegovina. But each of them offers unique skiing experiences in terms of slopes, ski lifts, night skiing, accommodation and more.

Below is a review of skiing experience in Mount Jahorina and Mount Vlasic:

Mount Jahorina

Located just 20 km away from Sarajevo, Mt. Jahorina is one of the best mountains in Bosnia for skiing and snowboarding. The ski resort Jahorina boasts of 25 km of slopes and 11 lifts for transporting guests to skiing areas, situated between elevations of 920 and 1, 889 meters. This winter sports resort once hosted the Women’s Alpine competitions for the Sarajevo Olympic Games in 1984. Hence it’s a legendary skiing spot.

Jahorina has slopes of all difficult levels i.e. easy, intermediate and difficult. The mountain usually experiences high levels of snowfall but the resort also has artificial snow production equipment that serves as a complimentary mechanism. Jahorina Ski Resort boasts of four unique types of ski lifts including 1 circulating ropeway, 5 chairlifts, 4 T-bars/button lifts and 1 rope tow. Guests can also enjoy night skiing in the resort, thanks to the floodlights installed in the slopes, up to 1.7 km in distance.

Ski pass prices to the resort are about €20 for adults and €15 for children.

How to Get There

If you’re from outside Sarajevo, you can catch a flight to Sarajevo Airport or simply take a train to the town. From Sarajevo town, you can get to the resort village by car or taxi.


Within Jahorina, there are plenty of low priced apartments, decent guest houses, luxury hotels and exceptional villas that you can choose to stay in. Most of these accommodation facilities are located near the ski resort or just off the mountain, something that makes access to the skiing grounds convenient.


  • Offers up to 1,889 meters of slope, which is great for experienced skiers
  • Offers a snow depth of between 106 cm and 3 m
  • Uses different types of lifts (totalling to 11) to get guests to skiing grounds
  • Offers night skiing experience


  • Resort only opens during certain winter months of the year
  • Ski passes are expensive, especially during holidays
Mount Vlasic Vlasic

Mountain is located right at the centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Vlasic Ski Resort is a popular spot for skiing and snowboarding and allows access to 10 km of slope. The winter sports areas are situated between elevations of 1,200 and 1,500 m. There are 6 lifts (T-bars) in total witha capacity of carrying 4600 skiers per hour. The resort opens at 9 am and closes 16 pm during winter months but the time may vary depending on external conditions, public holidays, school holidays among other factors. On average, there are more than 5 snow months in this area that offer visitors numerous skiing opportunities. That makes it a popular skiing tourist attraction in Bosnia.

Ski pass prices to the resort are approximately €14 for adults and € 9 for children.

How to Get There

If you want to get to Vlasic Resort by air, then you need to first catch a flight to Banja Luka International Airport, which is approximately 75 km away. From there, you can get a car or taxi to drive you right to the resort. There are also a number of well-marked routes in the Vlasic peak, which can get you to the resort from the nearest Travnik city. All you need is a map of the area, if at all you’re new in Vlasic.

Where to stay

Near the Vlasic Ski Resort, there are lots of decent accommodations that can be great for weekend or holiday stay. You can choose to stay in any of the medium-sized hotels, private houses and cottages available for rent near the resort. It all comes down to your budget.

  • Boasts of huge lift capacity: up to 4600 people per hour
  • Skiing provides a chance of enjoy breathtaking views
  • Ski pass prices are cheaper
  • Only provides one type of ski lift (T-bar lift)
  • The distance between the nearest airport and the resort in big, something that can be costly
  • The resort might be crowded during holidays

Now that you know what to expect on Mount Jahorina and Mount Vlasic, you can go ahead and plan for your next trip this coming winter. The skiing experience on the mountain, especially during December through to February is usually super fun. And you can never get enough of the fantastic nightlife, the magical food and the spectacular natural scenery unique to these parts of Bosnia.


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