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My First Trip To Dubrovnik

03/09/2016 | Dubrovnik | 0 Comment |

My First Trip To Dubrovnik

Like many of you, I have also been astonished with little known TV show “The Game Of Thrones”. But little did I knew that some of the scenes from this show, mainly of King's Landing, are shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia. So naturally being a huge fan of the show, I've made a decision to go there and have a long walk on the streets of Dubrovnik and visit all locations I could from The Game Of Thrones and learn more about this ancient city.

Dubrovnik is a city with such a strong and long history. And that is something that can be felt as you walk among Dubrovnik Walls during summertime. To me it was graceful and honoring to be lost among buildings so old and imposing. Good portion of Dubrovnik Walls are under UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. These essentially double line defensive walls, have been built during 12th–17th centuries and are considered pride of the city ever since. Walls reach close to two kilometers in their length and peak at 25 meters in height.

Within the walls is nested impressive Minčeta tower, one of the several forts spread through the city. It has been built by local engineer Nicifor Ranjina in 1463. during the peak of Turkish conquest on the Europe and has been important element in defensive system of the city ever since. Being highest point of the city, Minčeta offers unforgettable view of the city of Dubrovnik and today serves as museum and a symbol of this unconquerable city.

St. Lawrence Fortress or locally known as Lovrijenac, is another location (Red Keep) used in the show that is worth visiting. Built 37 meters above sea level, this impressive fort is overlooking entrances to the city has played important role in the defense of the city against Venetian rule. Although, it is unclear when Lovrijenac was built, but according to locals its initial form was conceived in 1918. That's a long time ago! Lovrijenac today serves as an important historical sight and as a theater.

Visiting Old Port in Dubrovnik is something that any history buff owns to themselves. In its past the city has been well known for its shipbuilders as well. Many historical documents are describing ships built here as strong and sturdy, while still remaining simple in their form. Architect credited for the port in none other that master architect of Dubrovnik Republic - Paskoje Miličević, who incepted the Old Port in 1470.

There's just so much to see here and like I mentioned before, sense of old European spirit is really strong here. The whole city is like an ancient monument from old times, standing still and proud. Dubrovnik apartments aren't that hard to find, and although it's not the cheapest city, considering what you are getting for just being there is in my opinion a price worth paying. I know I'll be returning there for sure, at least for just few days. 



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